Noah McWilliams - Washington, DC based installation artist

As a commentary on processed food and our gradual isolation from the natural world, I drastically increased the amount of mold inhibitor normally added to bread in the US to present an agricultural process of a dystopian future. They are loaves of bread growing in an incubation chamber, well after the extinction of the crop on which they used to rely.


Description: flour, water, calcium propionate, projected video, dual-channel audio, black sand, wall paint, wood, photography backdrop

variable size

The dual-channel audio consists of locusts in flight, howling wind, and metal warping sounds playing from speakers mounted behind the black projection screen. An echo of each metal warping sound pans from the speakers mounted behind the projection screen to speakers secured above the projector, above and in front of the sculpture/pedestal.

© 2019 by Noah McWilliams