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I am interested in the interplay between cultural definitions of beauty and the unsettling truths they often conceal within Western narratives. In stories ranging from ancient biblical texts to science fiction and fairytales, societal expectations frequently masquerade as unyielding moral principles, usually reinforced by rigid standards of beauty. Through my sculptural and time-based vignettes, I reveal cracks in the spellbound beauty of fantasy worlds, encouraging viewers to reflect on the dynamics of beauty and power within society.


In my practice, themes of brutality, exploitation, and loss of control emerge within meticulously crafted worlds of cinematic pomp. Using fantastical imagery and traditional cinematic techniques, I capture viewers' attention, while using soft materials imbued with a look of bodily distress to introduce a discordant element into the implied narratives. This combination of spectacle and discomfort invites viewers to reflect on the construction of comfortable narratives and the often dismal nature of our grand aspirations.


The conflicting states that I play with in my work are intended to trap viewers within a polarity of cuteness. As Simon May put it in his book, The Power of Cute, cuteness relates to a subject possessing qualities at two ends of a spectrum. For example, a toy doll with stubby childlike limbs wearing construction gear blurs the line between vulnerability and assertiveness, forcing viewers into a reverie of conflicting interpretations. My work is meant to be beautiful and grotesque; playful and aggressive. It strikes a precarious balance between dream and nightmare, trapping viewers between suggestions of impending calamity and soothing layers of decorative baby fat. Placing viewers between these polarities challenges them to confront the uncomfortable realities veiled within our collective fantasies.

Artist Statement


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