Description: video

variable size

Fleishig is Yiddish for “of meat” or “for meat”, and is associated with the Jewish dietary laws of Kashrut. Both religious and secular dietary restrictions reframe our brutal relationship with nature to quell guilt and promote belief in an artificial balance. In this series the compartmentalization of our exploitative impulses is projected onto segments of an organism as a plush shadow of its fleshy yield. 


Description: faux wolf fur, flocking, felt, velvet, pipe insulation

72 x 30 x 54 "


Description: faux wolf fur, flocking, velvet, poly-fill, foam board, pipe insulation, acrylic, spray paint, LED lights

34 x 34 x 68 "

Description: faux wolf fur, resin, flocking,  foam board, wood

43 x 20 x 35"


Description: inkjet print on acrylic, resin, flocking, paint, wood

78 x 32 "


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